Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Reader Comments

If you have a comment about Demon Lord, please leave it in a comment field, and it will be added to this page. The following comments have been recieved :

Having read a pre-publication of the first of the Demon Lord series, I confess I am quite keen to read the next. I have to say that though the title character, Bane, is a hard-arse, he's clearly going to turn and that is my kind of character; a real evil bastard with no apparent redeeming features, who ends up sympathetic (though still a hard-arse). Put me on the list for the launch date... - Phillus

EXCELLENT BOOK! well done, a absolutely rivetting read, and I enjoyed every minute of it... there was only one thing that I think I could crit you on....
WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE PUBLISHED! this wait is going to kill me! - Gerri Dahl

'the book grabs you and sucks you in....' - Simon Dahl (just started reading the book)

Thanks for the book, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I definitely want to read the next one as soon as possible. - Ruchelle Wessels

I can’t wait to start on the second book, and I really hope that this series of yours takes off, because it is really excellent. - Ruchelle Wessels

Just finished 'The Demon Lord' last night. What a brilliant read! I have to say that it is a most readable and addictive book. Page turner of note. Now hurry up and release part 2! We demand it :) Seriously, I had no idea that you are such a good story teller. Really, really enjoyed it. Bearing in mind that I have been a fan of fantasy writing since, oh god probably since I could read. One really good book. Looking forward to seeing how this all turns out - Simon Dahl

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VampireBookHunter said...

I adore this book. I cannot believe the sequel has been indefinitely postponed. I will spread the word to all my friends and get a cult going. There is no way that this book can be passed by by the all encompassing wave of Fangirlism. THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL. . . is it true that it's being published as an e-book, and if so, how do I get my hand s on it?