Sunday, 18 September 2011

Book VII - When Angels Fall


I have received numerous queries about Demon Lord Book VII - Dark Domain, which I am currently working on. It has experienced several unforeseen and unfortunate delays due to family crises and tragedies, and it is still on-going. I no longer want to give a certain deadline for its completion, although I will still say tentatively May. The way I work, any distractions tend to throw me off and set me back, and that's exactly what has happened. The book is 90% complete now, but the final chapter is proving hard to write with all the unhappy events that have happened and are still happening.

I hope to be able to get back into the 'channel' soon, and wrap up this episode of the story so I can publish it. I do not want to rush it or force it, however, as that will produce an inferior product. So, I apologise to all of you who are waiting for the book and all I can say is: it's my current project and I'm doing my best to have it finished as soon as possible. When I do, I shall notify all those who have emailed me and post notices here on the blog and on Facebook to let everyone know that it is available and where - it will be available first on Smashwords and Amazon.