Friday, 17 December 2010

Demon Lord and Dark God Available on Smashwords

Finally! Good news! Demon Lord and Dark God have just been published as e-books on Smashwords, and Demon Lord is a free download, so anyone can get a copy. Then, if you want, Dark God is available at a small cost. I will soon be publishing the third book in the series, Grey God, followed by the rest of these books, which include God Realm, Dark Domain and many more. Having found this excellent avenue to publish my books, I will also be publishing my other fantasy and sci-fi series there very soon.

I feel that it's important for potential buyers to be able to read the first book in each series for free, then decide whether or not they want to continue reading the series, since most of my fantasy and sci-fi series are rather long - between four and ten books.

After the frustrating time I've had trying to find somewhere to publish my books, it's a relief to finally find a place that offers and excellent service to authors. Please go along and get the free books, and keep checking for the other series I'll soon publish, which you'll find listed when you click on any of my books on Smashwords. I will also announce the launch of the various series here, and on my site, which I'm currently building and should be finished soon.

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Tracy Falbe said...

I agree with the approach of offering the first book in a series free or at a very low price. The first book in my series is free at my website and only a $1 at other places. This is a good way to get people to check out your writing.

Since you're new to Smashwords, I suggest you definitely look into their premium distribution if you haven't already. I realize there is some extra red tape if you're outside the U.S., but getting your novels into the major retailers is definitely worth it. This is especially true because you have so many novels.