Friday, 29 July 2011

Now Publishing as Paperbacks at Create Space

I have decided to publish all my books as paperbacks at Create Space, and I have set up The Queen's Blade there already. I'm just waiting for the proof copy, which will take about a month to be delivered, and, once I give the go-ahead, that will be the first book to be published. After that I intend to publish the rest of The Queen's Blade series first, then do The Cyber Chronicles, Demon Lord, Slave Empire and Broken World.

I've received numerous e-mails asking for paperback versions of the e-books, and it will be wonderful for me to have actual physical copies of all my books - a dream I've had for a very long time! I shall also order extra copies and see if I can't sell a few in South Africa. Ironically, my own country is the one place where I have made no sales. South Africans don't buy e-books, it seems, or at least, very few, and I hope to persuade a few Cape Town book shops to sell copies.

I've already set up the entire Queen's Blade series according to Create Space's guidelines, and it has been an easy process, simple and quick. I'm impressed with the service there so far. The biggest delay is the postage time, but after I receive the proofs at the end of September things should go quickly.

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Kendra said...

I can't find When Angels Fall book VII, is it not available? I have been glued to the Demon Lord series books for several weeks and have actually lost sleep because I could not put it down.