Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The Book Launch

Don't miss the Demon Lord book launch on the 22nd August at The Book Shoppe in the Tokai Junction Centre, corner of Tokai and Main Road, at 4:00 PM!

Meet the author and get an autographed copy of this first edition, collector's item book. This is the first fantasy book written by a South African author and published in South Africa! Read a review in the new SA magazine Just Be, soon to be launched nationwide.

Coffee, tea and cakes will be served. Launch starts at 4:00 pm and continues late. Place your orders for signed copies of the book here!
This compelling tale details the harrowing path of death and destruction wrought across the Overworld by Bane, the Demon Lord. Bent on freeing the dark god Arkonen from his prison in the Underworld, Bane is confronted by the Child Of Light, and innocent girl sent by the goddess prevent him from destroying the Overworld by unleashing Arkonen upon it. Mirra has no weapons other than the gift of her healing power and her inability to hate. Bane inflicts suffering on his helpless captive, but her only purpose is to redeem him from the darkness that has corrupted his soul. Bane is not so easily swayed however, and his only weakness is the one thing that Mirra can use, for Bane is not what he seems ...

For directions to the venue, phone The Book Shoppe on 021 713 1528
Alternatively, to be sure to get a copy of a poster, place your order for one or additional signed copies of the book by contacting the author at

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