Friday, 24 August 2007

Demon Lord Book Promotion

The Demon Lord promotion was a wonderful success! The venue was amazing, a lovely, cosy shop tucked away in Tokai, run by some very lovely ladies! Leather couches and coffee, tea or hot chocolate on tap, the walls lined with stacks of books. Marvelous atmosphere, hats off to the Book Shoppe's owner, Jaki! The rich chocolate cake was stunning, and enthusiasts came back for seconds and thirds. T C Southwell signed many copies and the books were flying off the shelves! Photographers took some lovely pictures, soon to be published in various papers and magazines along with articles on the promotion.

Also watch out for an article in Tabletalk by Pam Fourie, who interviewed the author, also with a lovely picture and some examples of T C Southwell's illustrations.

But back to the promotion. A reading was given of the final cataclysmic scene of Demon Lord by Nerine Dorman, whose rendition really brought the author's wonderful description of the destruction of the seventh and final ward to life. Also on display some new original posters of characters from Demon Lord by the author. Stunning! Everyone had a wonderful time and went home richer for the experience. Fellow fantasy author, Greg Hamerton, showed his support and attended. T C Southwell would like to extend her heartfelt thanks to all those who attended and supported her. We look forward to the launch of the sequel, Dark God! If it's anything like this launch, you won't want to miss it!
Photos will be added soon!

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