Saturday, 6 September 2008

Demon Lord sequel "Dark God" to be published as an e-book

The idea of publishing Dark God as a POD publication was a good one, I still feel, but as it turns out, not so easily achieved. Truth be told, I have been warned not to do this, since it may spoil the book’s chances of ever being published as a paperback. In view of this, I am now considering another Internet option - an e-book. This is by far the cheapest option for people who want to buy the book, and the easiest to organise, since it only requires a bit of software and a little time. It’s probably the quickest and simplest solution, and I only hope that those who have written to me asking about Dark God’s publication will be happy to read it in an e-book format. For those who don’t enjoy reading a great deal on the screen, there is the option to print it out.

It’s not ideal, but in the circumstances, it will help to solve the problem until the book is published, which will happen in the near future, I hope. As soon as I have compiled Dark God into an e-book, I will notify all the people who have emailed me to ask about it. I will also publish the first few chapters here on the blog. My agent has recommended that I use this option, and I always listen to her advice. So, for those who are patiently waiting for Dark God, your wait will soon be over.

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