Thursday, 1 October 2009

Dark God as an E-book - Coming Soon!

I just found two comments that I had no idea were made some time ago. The blog email address was out of date, so I didn’t receive a notification about these comments. Since I have no way of contacting you, I’ll reply to you right here on the blog and hope you visit again soon.

Heatwave: People do read sci-fi fantasy books, but whether or not is a rip-off I have no idea.

VampireBookHunter: I’m so glad you enjoyed the book, and the cult sounds awesome. The sequel is going to be published as an e-book very soon; I just have to work out a few wrinkles in the process.

I have corrected the comment email address now, so I’ll be notified of future comments and hopefully I can reply to those who leave them. If not, please make use of my email address on the blog to contact me. I’m always happy to hear from people who have enjoyed my books. I am currently taking steps to create a PDF e-book that I can send to anyone who wants to purchase it via the purchase link on the blog. I have also created an alternative EXE standalone file that can be downloaded from a secret page whose link I shall give to those who want it, since I can’t email it.

I have been forced to do this after approaching several e-book publishers, one of which wouldn’t publish a previously published book, and the other wanted to make changes that I found unacceptable. Others gave me the run around or just looked tacky! One, when I asked what format they used for their e-books, was so rude I hope I never have the misfortune encounter them again! Obviously I have to publish Demon Lord as an e-book first if I go the publisher route, since otherwise those who haven’t read Demon Lord won’t be able to buy it. No sense in publishing the sequel without the first book. For those who have read the paperback version of Demon Lord, however, I can offer the sequel, Dark God, here on my blog, and also Demon Lord, for those who haven’t read it as a paperback.

This seems to be the only way of circumventing the frustrating world of publishers and allowing those who want to, to read Dark God. I shall notify all those who wrote to me when the e-books are ready, and anyone else who is waiting for Dark God – keep checking here, now that I’ve given up trying to use an e-book publisher, it’s going to happen soon! Watch this space!

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